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Adios Frómista – El Camino Day 8

Iglesia de San Martin

A chilly 1ºC started our days walk this morning. It’s a short and relatively flat walk today. 19 kms in total. We took it slower than usual so as to have it as a bit of a rest day.

As we left Frómista we discovered this nearly 1000 year old church in the city centre.

Interior of the church

It was very beautiful and simple, starkly contrasted with all the gold leaf we saw in Burgos. We spent a few moments here taking in the peaceful atmosphere and talking about how many people would have worshipped there since the year 1066 when the building was completed.

Not much to see here
Camino by the highway

Today’s walk although shorter and flatter than the others we’ve done seemed to be both a bore and a chore. The sky was grey, the Camino path followed the highway it really wasn’t all that photogenic. Not that I’m complaining as it can’t be picture perfect all the time but it was just one of those days where the whole walk seemed to be dull. Got to take the good with the bad I guess.

We came across this little chapel in a field
And through the fields once again

One thing I’m grateful for is that we didn’t have to walk on the shoulder of the actual road but on a separate path alongside the road. A lot safer.

We came to a point where the Camino went two ways. We could choose to either follow it along the road or follow it through the fields. We chose the latter as we thought it might be more scenic.

Not all that exciting either
Silhouetted autumn trees
We connect back up with the road again
We pass a small town
Slowly getting through the kilometres

We arrive at our hotel for the evening which used to be an old monastery and way back when a hospital for the pilgrims travelling the Camino.

That’s it for today, time for a beer.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

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