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Adios Villafranca – El Camino Day 18

A good start to the day with the sun out. We had a 32km walk today with most of it uphill and the last 8km being mountain goat territory.

Sunrise in the street where our hotel was
Leaving town

The road out of town and for most of the day was on tarmac, so, kind to the feet. It followed the valley for the most part with a few little diversions off into some small towns, always on the incline going upwards.

Our path was next to the local road which hugged the valley and the river we seemed to follow. Every now and then the motorway to Madrid would appear above us.

A few pilgrims on the track with us this morning. The motorway above continually following us as we walked.

Ron walking with our new found Korean friend. We met Esther yesterday as we were walking into Villafranca and as we were a bit slower walking she caught up to us and walked the rest of the day with us. It was good to have her company.

For the first time on our walk we managed to find a small church open in this little town we passed through. We stopped in and said a prayer together and take a selfie. 😊

The old road contrasted against the new. The motorway to Madrid above is just one of the amazing bridges we see along this part of the walk

The road took us of the beaten track now and started to climb steadily. The fog and the rain set in too but it wasn’t too bad. Just a drizzle. The wet weather gear was on by this stage.

Looking back with the profile of a castle on top of the hill
Those bridges!
Through another small village
Small farms
We're still in the valley
The road eventually changes to track
And upwards we begin
So much lichen again on all the trees
Eerily beautiful
Some more farmland
Through a small farm, Stinkville

Heading uphill we passed through some more farmland and what I thought was our town for the night. Boy was I wrong. There was another 5kms upwards to go.

Looking back.
Looking back
And up again, this hill was the gift that kept on giving
Looking back again

The rain and the mist was still happening at this stage. The track was quite boggy with mud and cow dung. Gorgeous really, and the smell.

The boggy pongy track changed to gravel
The boggy pongy track changed to gravel

Because of the track change I knew we were getting close to town. We’d climbed steadily all day but these last 7kms we climbed 600 metres. We’d had it by the time we reached town. To top it off it started pouring with rain while we were trying to find a hotel. Unfortunately they were all booked out and we’ve had to check into and Albergue. Not much sleep tonight I don’t think. There is so much noise, even with ear plugs.

I’m sorry this post is a bit erratic and jumpy but the wifi here is terrible too so I have to do what I can when it works. It’s late too and it’s been a long day. Time to get some sleep hopefully.

Till tomorrow…

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino 😊

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