El Camino Day 14

A cold start to the day’s walk this morning with snow during the night as the temperatures dropped below zero. The snow was visible on the gardens and parked cars as we walked out of Belorado this morning. Evidence of last night’s snow, now ice Today’s walk was only a short one as we need ... Read more

El Camino Day 13

Today’s walk was challenging. Very cold with temperatures down near 0ºC with constant rain, wind and the occasional hint of snow. It was super cold walking and my hands in the useless gloves were very cold. I had to constantly keep the fingers moving to get the blood to flow. I kept the pace of ... Read more

El Camino Day 12

Our walk today was an easy one walking from Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Just under 22km with one big hill to climb with the sun shining on our backs. It was a little cool though with the wind blowing as that made the day feel colder. Gloves and beanies were worn all ... Read more

El Camino Day 11

Today was a little diversion day. Ron last night decided that he wanted to go and look at some local monasteries just outside of Nájera, 18kms away. It is a secondary pilgrimage route that can be taken but as we only found out about them last night we decided to take a cab out to ... Read more

El Camino Day 10

Today’s walk was another short walk of 18kms from Navarrete to Nájera through vineyards for the most part of the day. The sun was out and it was a very pleasant day’s walk. The hotel we stayed in last night was very nice and had been renovated by the hotel owners who were very hospitable. ... Read more

El Camino Day 9

Today is a short post as it’s a rest day for Ron and I. We decided rather than staying in one town for a couple of nights with a full rest day in between it would be better for us to have some shorter walking days so that we could keep moving. We found last ... Read more