Adios Santa Catalina – El Camino Day 15

The dreary weather seems to have set in for the time being so we were in for another wet and misty day. We had a good night last night with our fellow pilgrims and enjoyed a meal with them.

The hotel we stayed in was a delight. It was done out very well. No detail was missed. I don’t really like to brag about hotels I stay in as a) I don’t really stay in all that many and b) I prefer to spend my money on other things. But as this one was in our budget we found it one of the best ones so far. The couple who owned it were most probably high flyers who were looking for a quieter life and found it here in a small town in country Spain.

Hotel from the outside, unassuming

The German pilgrim Johannes decided to tag along with us for the most part of today and was happy to chat and walk at our pace. We had just under 19km to walk so we were able to take it a bit easier. There was a lot of climbing to do today as we are nearly at one of the highest points in our walk. When I say climb I mean uphill walking.

Eating breakfast in the dining room
The hotel room
Bye bye Santa Catalina

The path out of town followed the main road for most of the time. we couldn’t see a whole lot of the surrounds because of the mist. We were hoping for good weather along this part of the track as it’s supposed to be the best scenery for the next couple of days. Thankfully the weather forecasts clear skies tomorrow.

The path out of town
More of the same looking track

It was frustrating at times not being able to see what was in the far distance and what views we were missing out on but as we have no say in the matter I can only trust that the Lord will have good things for us ahead. I suppose today was a reflection day but to be honest I can’t say I did a lot of that.

It’s interesting the people you meet along the way, fellow pilgrims that is. We’ve met some interesting characters and reasons as to why they’re doing the Camino. It reminds me of the movie ‘The Way’ where the main character meets a whole lot of nut jobs that begin and continue to walk the Camino with him. Fortunately for the most part we don’t have nut jobs walking along with us but a few interesting characters and reasons why. A lot of young guys seem to be walking the Camino to find meaning in their lives or answers to questions they may have and to process things. People come and go walking with us. Most people we meet are quite content to walk by themselves and like Ron and I for the most part do too. Occasionally someone latches on and then lets go and goes their own way. It’s the way it’s meant to be I think.

A church we passed in a small town
Memorial for someone who died walking the Camino

Today for the first time we came across about 4 or 5 monuments to pilgrims who’d passed away on the Camino. Interesting that we have them dotted along the uphill part of the track.

We go via a pine forest again
Then through another town

We stopped here for a coffee and no joke it was up there with International Roast class of coffee. Terrible, had to be thrown out. Especially served to us by someone wearing tracksuit pants and the coffee in a clear plastic cup. Gorgeous!

From this town onwards it was a fairly steep climb and it really felt like we were up in the clouds at this stage.

Upwards we go
Panorama looking back
Autumn still happening, lots of lichen
Ron powering on
I’m in cloud 9 literally

It was cloud all the way to our destination for tonight, Foncebadón. This town is at the highest elevation of our stay. Tomorrow we climb a little more to the highest point of the walk.

Our town for the evening, Foncebadón, in Cloud 9

A good walk for today but I’m certainly craving the sunshine by now. Forecast for tomorrow is that so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully we get some views of the landscape we’re walking in.

Buen Camino! 😊