Camino del Norte Day 23

We're nearing the end of the walk, which has mixed emotions. Today we leave the Camino del Norte and join the French Camino in Arzúa, our home for tonight. We walked about 22km today from Sobrado dos Monxes. Last night we didn't have Mass for Sunday as it was at 11 am, but we witnessed ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 22

Today was another short 20km walk from Villalba to Baamonde. We headed south today towards the French Camino Way. It was a wet morning to start with. Before we checked out of our hotel, we visited a local cafe for breakfast. I don't think the sole trader expected four visitors to request bacon and eggs ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 21

Today we walked about 21km from Abadín to Villalba. It was mostly a flat walk as we'd climbed for most of yesterday. The issue was that it was wet for most of the walk. Outside our hotel this morning It had rained quite heavily during the night as we slept, and the rain was still ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 20

Today we walked about 18km from Mondoñedo to Abadín. It was mainly uphill all day as we headed further into the mountains. We did take an alternate route as the standard course went up steeply, and we didn't want to do that. Our path was more gradual. Today's main challenge was the intermittent rain and ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 19

I seem to be back online today with a better internet connection and can post. Yesterday took so long to save and upload photos that, in the end, I gave up. Today we are in Mondoñedo, a bigger town than last night. Last night wasn't even a town, just a hotel on the side of ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 17

Today we walked from Navia to Tapia de Casariego. A 22km walk along the coast. We set out from Navia at about 9 am with Alejandro, our Mexican friend, and a new friend from Canada named Bond. And then there were four. We had a good weather forecast for the day, and the sun was ... Read more