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Adios Foncebadón – El Camino Day 16

We went down for breakfast in our hotel this morning and when we stepped outside to do so we were greeted with this. The Lord had truly blessed us this day with sunshine. We knew it was going to be a good one.

What a start to the day 😊

The cloud and the mist had gone. What was left was down in the valley which can be seen in the images above. We were above the clouds literally. It was so good to see the sun and after the gloom of the past couple of days for it to greet us like this was such a joy to see.

Looking down the street outside our hotel

We ate a good breakfast as we were climbing to our highest points on the whole walk with a steep descent on the other side. Lungs and muscles would get a good workout today. We packed after breakfast and set out.

Also a good start to the day

The sun was warm as we headed out and both the beanie and gloves were off. We remarked that the Lord’s face was truly shining upon us for our mountain top walk and that it was no coincidence that the sun was out for us on this day. He was and is really looking after us.

Possibly the remains of a church
Looking back to Foncebadón
Looking back to Foncebadón

The path went up as we climbed to one of the highest points of the walk today, 1505 metres. We weren’t climbing that full amount as Foncebadón was well up in the mountains already. The other high point is only 10 metres more at 1515 metres.

Looking back again as we climbed

We get to the top and see in the distance one of the highlights of the walk and one featured in the movie ‘The Way’. It looks a lot better in the movie then in real life.

Approaching Cruz de Ferro
Cruz de Ferro

Basically it’s a pile of rubble with a crucifix in the middle. It’s a place where each pilgrim carries a stone along the way and leaves it here for whatever reason they feel or what it represents to them.

I carried this stone since our stay in Navarrete two weeks ago. I’ve been reflecting along the way as to what God might be saying to me as I walk and perhaps of things I can let go of and as to what the stone can represent for me.

My stone

For those that know me I’m not prone to the dramatic so I quietly placed my stone up the top near the crucifix. For me I felt it was another letting go, a letting go of control and trusting that God is in control of my life. I don’t need to force anything to make things happen, He will do that for me. Just simply that, a renewal of my trust in Him.

Ron being Ron, quite dramatic

The path dipped for a little while and then we were on the up again. The road we were following had snow depth poles alongside and the hotelier told us that by the end of December there would be snow up here.

The journey continues
Glimpses if views along the path
We’re on the right path, the Camino sign points the way
We reach another high point
Then follow a road for a little while
Time for a cuppa maybe?
The descent begins
Our town for lunch, Acebo

We stopped at this town for a snack and a coffee to break up the descent. The ham a cheese boccadillo was super fresh and the coffee great. We sat in the sun to soak it up too.

Looking cool with my coffee, boccadillo and Christmas holly behind me
We descend again

The road led us out of town and we continued on it for awhile much to the relief of our feet. The sun was still shining and it was warm walking.

Back to rocky road
Rocky road continues

By this time I was looking forward to getting to our destination. These paths were slow going. Not necessarily for me but I think Ron found it hard going so that slowed us up a bit. He is hitting 70 after all.

Back on flat ground
Our hotel is the peach coloured building on the right, awww

We hit the tarmac again to walk into our home for this evening. It’s called Molinaseca. It’s quaint but quiet as it’s the low season.

We crashed at the first hotel we came across that fitted into the budget and here I am typing away at this. After a meal of schnitzel with salad and chips and a very large beer I’m all set.

That’s it for today folks. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. The Lord certainly was with us.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino! 😊

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