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Adios Molinaseca – El Camino Day 17

Leaving Molinaseca

Back into the valley today which meant back into the mist and fog. It wasn’t something I was entirely pleased about nor the amount of towns we were to walk through today as well. Something that had to be done though. So today’s photos aren’t the most exciting ones.

We got up early and left town at around 8am with the sun not quite up yet either, just a little light in the sky. Molinaseca wasn’t covered in fog as it’s not quite in the valley so we had clear skies on our way out.

Lit up like Christmas
The road out of town
Looking back at the mountains where we’d come from
Ponferrada under the fog up ahead

The next town we had to pass through was Ponferrada 5km down the road which is quite large with about 60,000 inhabitants. As our town had nothing open for breakfast including the hotel we stayed at and we planned to grab a bite to eat here.

Smashing the vanilla slice

We found a little bakery/cafe opposite the castle and ate a hearty meal there. Bacon, sausage and eggs with a couple of large black coffees. We finished that off with a vanilla slice. Yummo!

The castle in the mist and fog

We then followed the Camino arrows out of town through some parks and what seemed to be the wealthier part of town. The Camino continued and so did the fog and mist. Plenty of people were out for their morning walk, jog or bike rides.

Autumn still showing its colours
Autumn still showing its colours
Heading out of Ponferrada
The misty morning continues
Through a tunnel with Santiago painted on the side
Looking very grey
Local out for a walk
Hard to tell what the landscape is doing with all this fog
Met some more pilgrims today
Passed through some vineyards
A small town we passed through

We passed through a couple of more towns and the sun finally came out again. Yay! The scenery definitely not as dramatic as yesterday’s but it was good to feel the warmth and see the surrounds. When it’s misty and foggy everything looks the same and it’s a bit depressing and dull.

We continued on out of this town alongside the road for awhile till we were pointed off the path onto a dirt road through the vineyards. While we were walking here we could see and hear plenty of shooting going on. The farmers were out with their dogs shooting either rabbits or birds, I don’t know which. At least we seemed to be far enough out of the way to be out of harms way.

The track we walked on
More vineyards in the afternoon sun
Our town Villafranca for tonight
The river through the town

That’s it folks. Hope you found it okay. It was a bit of an anti climax after yesterday’s walk but we got it done. Ravenous for dinner now but the restaurant doesn’t open till 8pm, will have to wait. See you soon.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino! 😊

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