Adios Sarria – El Camino Day 21

Forecast for today was clear and sunny again with a foggy morning. We had 26kms to get through today.

We left the hotel at about 9:30 this morning. The hotel is in the background of the image to the right.

Heading out of Sarria.

The bypass above and a rail track on the left
We follow the rail track for a little while
Creek crossing
Ent territory
The mist is hanging around
Time to pose with a fellow Korean pilgrim

We were going uphill for a good part of the morning but not uncomfortably so. It was easy walking.

The sun is starting to come out. Yay!
Praise the Lord!
And again!
And again!
Photo bomb
Creek Crossing

So my feet and body are now used to the daily walking. I don’t have any problems and haven’t had for some time. It was probably the very first week that it was really tough but obviously the body has now adjusted to the daily regimen. Most likely when I get home I will have some adjusting to do to not walking each day. I am getting a little cramping happening in my left foot though. Hopefully it will pass.

Ron with a old farmer

This guy asked us to pray for him in Santiago when we arrive. We said we would. He gave each of us a walnut.

Back to bitumen

It really was bliss walking through this landscape today. Sun was warm, sky was blue and the atmosphere was so peaceful. Hard to believe it was a winters day, it was so pleasant and civilised.

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We hit the 100km mark today. Only 100kms to go. Mixed feelings about it but a good achievement. 💪😊

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Our descent into Portomarín
Watch the footing here!
Dark water and height issues here

The afternoon sun was keeping us warm as we made our way into town. This last stretch was a little precarious down an old track.

This bridge we had to cross was very tall with a narrow walkway next to a rail that wasn’t very protective. I don’t normally have issues with heights but as I was carrying a backpack and was a bit top heavy I felt a bit weary walking over it.

View from the bridge
Home for the night 😊

During the day along the walk we had an elderly priest invite us into his church for a visit. We obliged and knelt to say a prayer and had our Camino passports stamped by him and signed his visitor book. It was so good to see someone so devoted to stand out on the road in the cold to invite strangers in to say hello to our Lord. All the other churches bar one have been locked and closed. During our visit Ron left his Camino passport and Australian passport behind only to find them missing when we booked into our hotel at Portomarín. We figured we’d need to backtrack tomorrow in a cab and find him to get the passport back. Last night we prayed we’d meet the Lord in our final days of the walk and as we were sitting in Portomarín for dinner in a restaurant planning our cab ride back some locals asked if we were Australian and that a priest had given them a passport to hand into the local Police station at Portomarín. We discovered we’d had our prayer answered and we’d met the Lord.

Looking forward to more encounters.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino 😊