Adios Portomarín – El Camino Day 22

Not too much to report on today. An easy days walk today with a lot of road walking. Not as scenic as yesterday’s either but a good day outdoors nonetheless.

The view outside our hotel this morning.

Cold morning to start being only about 1C so the gloves and beanie were out.

Leaving town we crossed over a different bridge heading off in a new direction.

We cross the river and head out of town. The path takes us upwards for awhile which warmed us up.

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The joined the road and we followed that for quite some time. Thankfully the path was next to the road so we were safe enough by not having to walk on the shoulder. A beautiful morning nonetheless.

Breakfast this morning was terrible. It was coffee and one piece of toast. It wasn’t enough to sustain us for the day. We stopped here at this non descriptive small cafe on the side of the road for a coffee and an egg and bacon boccadillo. So good and so fresh. It cost less than our lousy breakfast at the hotel.

After our hearty meal we climbed this hill and received a lovely view when looking back.

We came across this Spanish woman walking the Camino with her dog.

Back to some road walking

Clouds were brewing in the distance and we could feel the humidity in the air. Rain was coming. When it did arrive it was only a few small sprinkles. We put our waterproof backpack covers on just to be sure.

We continue on the tarmac
Interesting cloud formations
Pines along the road
Approaching a small village
Rain clouds are brewing

I passed a small old guy in this village listing to white noise on his transistor radio. Didn’t like to ask if he needed a hand tuning.

Farming community
More road walking
And again

I found a horse to pat along the way. 😊

We followed the road into Palas de Rei, our town for the night.

We see Palas de Rei down in the valley and the path leads us into the Main Street of town.

Our meal for this evening was well worth it and one of the best we’ve had. The steak was delicious.

There we have it folks. As I said at the beginning, not too much to report on today. Just a good days walk. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino. 😊