Adios Triacastela – El Camino Day 20

Looking fab at dinner
Leaving the hotel this morning

We had a fun night last night with some fellow pilgrims again. We’ve been meeting this bunch a bit as we all start finishing our Camino.

Leaving town this morning
Leaving town this morning

The hotel we stayed at in Triacastela was also and albergue so it had a mix of accommodations. We didn’t stay in the dorm, a twin share room for us.

After a horrible breakfast of toast with juice and coffee we set out. I’m craving a milky cereal breakfast at the moment. Although, as we’ve been walking I’ve found that the best breakfast that lasts the day is eggs and bacon. I can last the day on that with maybe a piece of chocolate as a snack throughout the walk then a pilgrims meal for dinner. Even though this hotel had a terrible breakfast they did serve the best pilgrims menu I’ve had so far. There have been some shockers. Last night’s was a decent meal with decent portions.

An uphill start
Picturesque enough
Some farm houses

It turned out to be a really good morning weather wise. As we climbed the mist got thinner and thinner and the sun began to shine through.

Path goes right past this persons door
Heading upwards
And looking back
Lovely farmland scenery, hard to believe it’s winter
Lovely farmland scenery, hard to believe it’s winter
We get to the top and walk along bitumen for a little while
Such a lovely day

We passed some motorcycle riders, the off road sort here out for a days ride. Or should I say they passed us at some high speeds? They would’ve had a good day for it. Plenty of tracks to ride on.

Sun and blue sky, can’t complain
Off road for us now

We start descending and go through some bushland for awhile. Paths are pretty good here and well maintained. Only because of the recent rains were there the occasional slippery bits but otherwise all okay.

A Galician Camino Signpost.

These posts are placed whenever there is a junction in the current province we’re in, Galicia. It has the distance in metres to Santiago.

Have a cow!
The mist in the valley ahead

We pass through a few more fresh smelling farm villages and a lot of luscious green farm fields. In the valley not far from here we could see the mist we were soon to descend into.

We’re heading down into the mist here
The light began to change once more

This was really strange going from sunlight and down into the valley where we were once again shrouded in mist.

We continue through more farmland and mist
Path now follows the road
Path into town

The fog is lifting once again as we walk into town. The farmland and the luscious greenery continues. We are at a casual pace here soaking up the sun’s warmth. It really was quite pleasant. Sarria can just be seen on the horizon line.

The church of Sarria and the view of Sarria from the hill.

When we arrived in town most shops were shut as it’s a Sunday. Most albergue and hotels seem dormant for the winter months too. We walked around looking for a Mass this evening but couldn’t find any. We were also looking for food as we were famished from our lousy breakfast. We came back to the hotel for a meal as that seems to be the only thing open and we actually had a decent meal.

All in all a good and pleasant days walking.

Time to chill out now.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino. 😊