Adios Palas de Rei – El Camino Day 23

Our hotel is the last building on the right

We left this morning with no breakfast at around 8:00am. It was still dark but there was light in the sky with the sun soon to rise. Nowhere was open at this time of the morning so we had to start without our morning coffee and bacon and eggs. We figured we’d be able to get something along the way easy enough.

Walking out of town
A few other pilgrims left at the same time as us so we were walking together for awhile

Today’s forecast was for cloudy weather with the possibility of rain. We’ve got rain predicted for the rest of the walk into Santiago. Wet weather gear all the way.

Bit of a hard walk this morning to be honest. Not physically, just visually. There really wasn’t anything eye catching or as impressive as some of the other days so I put my headphones on and walked with some music taking photos here and there. I’ll try to caption most of the photos but as you will see most of the path ahead. Today’s walk was straight forward and it was a matter of getting 30kms done so we have less to walk for the last two days. As we’re approaching Santiago the area seems to be more built up so I’m assuming there will be some more road walking tomorrow. I think we may even pass the airport on our way in.

Walking through farmland
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We found a place that was open to have breakfast. Not the healthiest but good enough to keep us going for the day.

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We made it into Arzúa and these couple of images show our approach and main street. It turned into quite a good afternoon for walking and the landscape got better as the day went on. A good days walk even though I found the start difficult.

Just under 40kms to go.

As we’re getting closer to our destination I’m looking forward to finishing and getting home.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino. 😊