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El Camino Day 9

Today is a short post as it’s a rest day for Ron and I. We decided rather than staying in one town for a couple of nights with a full rest day in between it would be better for us to have some shorter walking days so that we could keep moving. We found last time we did the walk that a day spent in a town doing nothing could be a little boring so this seems the better option for us. Today’s walk was just 14kms in length. We walked from Logroño to Navarrete, a familiar place we stayed in the last time we were here. This morning we were able to check out at midday so the morning was spent catching up on some work for me and writing and shopping for Ron.

Looking for food last night in Logroño, we weren’t the only ones
Walking out of Logroño

Logroño is a nice looking town with a good feel about it. It’s on the edge of La Rioja, the province it belongs to. Yesterday we crossed from Navarro into La Rioja without much fanfare or a sign on the path to tell us we were entering into La Rioja.

Today it rained for most of the walk. The rain is forecast for the next seven days which doesn’t look good. Not a great feeling opening the weather app on the phone to see that. At least today’s was a drizzle which was bearable but it would be nice to have some sunshine and not be cooped up in the wet weather gear.

The Camino path through the city is well marked
That’s where we’re going
A nature reserve and picnic area we walked through

The walk to Navarrete wasn’t anything spectacular. Just a walk in a park, some vineyards and by the main road that leads to Burgos.

Walking through the vineyards
Walking by the freeway
Looking back, with the big bull on the hill
It wasn’t long till we see Navarrete

Home for the night wasn’t far away which was a relief, just to get out of the rain. It was only a 3 hour walk so that is all there really is to report on. A short post from me for today. Everything else is good for me, health and body are holding up. Would be nice just to see a bit more sunshine but apart from that all is well.

Thanks for reading.

For stats and a map of today’s walk, you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino! 😊