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El Camino Day 8

Today’s walk was 28 kms long and the forecast was for both cold and rain. The forecast wasn’t wrong. This morning we left a little earlier so we could get the kilometres in and get to Logroño, our next destination at a reasonable hour. The hotel we stayed in last night had a bar downstairs which served breakfast which consisted of a slice of potato frittata and a bacon sandwich all washed down with a couple of cafe americanos. It wasn’t too bad and filling enough. As we ate the rain had already started. It was going to be a long day.

4ºC as we left this morning and there wasn’t much variation to that temperature. Quite cold and wet all day. Not as bad as the other day when we walked to Estella but annoying enough. There was some rough bits today where the wind was blowing with the rain against us as we walked but only for a about an hour or so.

Leaving Los Arcos, the church is on the left
Nothing but grey sky
We’re heading for the small town Sansol that’s up ahead

We hit the open country pretty quickly once leaving Los Arcos. Open fields with the occasional vineyard or olive grove we passed through plus a few small towns. The rain was bearable at this stage, just being a drizzle.

Some parts of today’s walk were on the road but being in the open we seemed to get the brunt of the wind with the rain mixed in. It was head down and keep walking. My gloves were once again totally useless so the hands got cold really quickly. While we’re staying in Logroño Ron and I are going to look for a store that sells hiking gear and get ourselves a good set of gloves.

It’s cold, and there’s snow about

We pass many nearby mountains that are white with snow reinforcing the fact that it’s cold. It wasn’t long that the shoes I was wearing began to succumb to the wet as my feet could feel the damp creep in. Thankfully the feet weren’t as cold as my hands and seemed to retain the heat from walking.

The sun did try to break through a couple of times today but not for long. The clouds were boss today. I did say a prayer for all my family and friends today as I endured the cold and the wet. I know Sydney is under siege from bushfires so the day was offered up for that and for the many things that family and friends are going through.

Passing vineyards

Many of these vineyards had stalls on the edge of the Camino path obviously selling their wares in the warmer months to passing walkers. Sadly no pick-me-up for me today as we passed through. No hearty little red wine to warm my soul.

Small vineyard in a valley we passed through
A ruin with the sign pointing the way

The sign above said 13.3kms to go to Logroño. It was longer than that let me assure you. The person who planted that sign must’ve either flown in or driven in to erect it. We always find the walks a little longer than anticipated going by the posted signs or by what the book says. Either that or the GPS on my phone is out.

The last town we pass through today, Viana
The view to Logroño from Viana

Viana was celebrating it’s Octo Centennial (800 years) as the streets were all decked out with flags and other paraphernalia. Quite a pretty little town once we got into the old part. It was tempting to stop in a bar or restaurant to get warm but we pushed ahead as stopping in all your wet weather gear becomes very involved and quite a procedure to get everything off and on again. Even doing a wee becomes a major operation. It was best to keep going as by this stage there were about 11kms to go. The rain had stopped here too and it was better for walking rather than stopping and resting somewhere.

We could well and truly see Logroño in the distance as it is a very large town/city. It was a welcome sight that’s for sure. The path seemed to take us to the right of it rather than directly in probably so as to take us directly into the city rather than through the outskirts.

Passing more vineyards on our way into Logroño
The wind and rain had eased off for us, thankfully
We’re in the outskirts now with factories about

It seemed to take an age to get into Logroño. At this stage I just wanted to get to the hotel so I could get warm and the walk in seemed to be taking us around the long way in.

This is the belching crematorium on the way into Logroño. Just foul, the smell and the look of the smoke was awful as we walked into town. Definitely not a welcoming sight that’s for sure.

This was a welcome sight

It was great to see Logroño in the distance and the clouds and rain were keeping themselves at bay for us. It meant that we could check into our hotel without soaking the reception area with our dripping gear. I booked the hotel because they had a bar and restaurant only to find out when we got here that they’re both closed on a Sunday. How annoying! Means we have to go out and find a place to eat and risk getting wet in the rain which is forecast for the rest of the evening. Anyway not too much of an issue as we’re both ravenous after today’s long walk.

That’s it from me for today. Time to grab a bite and a beer.

Thanks for reading.

For stats and a map of today’s walk, you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino! 😊

One thought on “El Camino Day 8

  1. Kees says:

    Sorry about the rain again,it could be so much more pleasant without it. Even if there’s snow about,with sunshine it’s a far better feel.
    Very noble of you to remember the poor people in all the bushfires that are raging everywhere.
    The central coast has a “catastrophic ” rating on the fire regulations and a state of emergency has been declared for NSW.
    Many schools are closed tomorrow 12/11/19
    My volunteer work has been cancelled so the general feeling is a bit scary.
    To top it all off, we are expecting about 37 degrees heath.
    Anyway, stay safe and warm
    Love Kees and Maria

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