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Adios Burgos – El Camino Day 6

The day of not doing much yesterday revived us and we’re back into it today. We have a big 34kms to pound out. To make it a bit easier we’re catching a taxi to the edge of town and meet up with the Camino there. We don’t see the point of walking through suburbia and making the day longer with a 39km walk. The town we need to get to definitely has accomodation so we need to make sure we get there before sundown.

The street our hotel in Burgos was on had a river running through the centre of it
The chapel in the cathedral where we had Mass.

The vigil Mass was on at 7:30 last night at the Burgos cathedral, we walked on down and got a bite to eat on the way. It was Black Friday sales mayhem with plenty of people out and about. Chilly too but that stopped no one. Plenty of young families out which was nice to see.

If this was the chapel within the cathedral I would like to know what the rest of the cathedral looked like. Unfortunately we didn’t get time to do a tour of it. That whole piece behind the altar where the photo does not do it justice is all gold leaf. The chapel was stunningly beautiful and it was warm, a bonus there.

Look, a peregrino!
Burgos Cathedral at night

After Mass we headed back home to pack and get a good nights sleep for the next days walking. We had an early start ahead of us.

It had rained through the night and the clouds were clearing. We ate a large buffet breakfast and were good to set out. The taxi arrived and whisked is away. We chose a point on the road just out of town where the highway and Camino path converged and started there. It made more sense to do this otherwise we’d spend about an hour trekking through suburban sprawl just to get out of town.

Our uninspiring starting point for the day
Church tower rising above a house
Church tower in Rabé de las Calzadas

We met a few other pilgrims today. As we headed out we came across an elderly Korean couple (so many Koreans) who had started the journey in Saint Jean Pied de Port the French starting point and another French fellow who started in Lourdes, France a couple of weeks ago and was on his way to Santiago then onto Lisbon.

Ron chatting with our French friend

Today’s walk was uphill from the start to a plateau or mesa with not a whole lot of scenery. Plenty of wind turbines up there set amongst wheat fields.

The path leading up to the mesa
Looking back to Burgos

All the tracks were soggy today from the nights rain. I found a lot of the track uncomfortable to walk on today with the state of my feet and toes. I went with a cousins advice and put Vaseline on my toes which helped a bit but the uneven ground of stones and gravel make for difficult walking. The pain when you step on a stone at a particular pressure point or on a sore area wears a bit thin after awhile but there’s no choice but to continue on.

On the mesa, not much to see
On the mesa, not much to see
A sunny days walking
Wind turbines and snowy mountains in the background
The church in the town of Hornillos where we stopped to have a bite to eat
The church in the town of Hornillos where we stopped to have a bite to eat

Since we had a large breakfast lunch wasn’t a huge fanfare today. In fact it never really is. I prefer to have a big breakfast and big dinner and a small bit to eat in the middle day usually. A heavy meal for lunch makes for harder walking too I find. I also found that if I stopped it was harder to get going again with my feet the way they were. We stopped for a bite of chorizo and a banana and moved on.

Walking out of Hornillos

The landscape changed here and we found ourselves walking downhill with the temperature dropping as the sun got lower. This part of the track I found particularly difficult as it was very stony, slippery and sodden. I was glad I had my walking pole and it was a good investment even though at times I’m wondering why I’m carrying it.

The soggy track
My trusty walking pole and muddy shoes

My walking pole came in handy here navigating the slippery spots. Eventually the track ended at a road and we walked along that till we arrived at our destination for the night.

Ahhh! Smooth ground
Ahhh! Smooth ground
The road went through some old ruins, the convent of San Anton
Approaching our town for the evening

Finally after 8 hours on the road we could see our home for the night down the end of this road. So good to get to the hotel and get the bag and shoes off.

For stats and a map of today’s walk, you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino!

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