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León, Rest Day – El Camino Day 12

Today was another rest day so not too much to report on here. We walked around the old town for most of the day enjoying the sites of León.

Our hotel is lit up like Christmas
Back of the Cathedral in our street

Our hotel is in the old town and a stones throw to the cathedral.

Little archway we use to get to the hotel
A view of the side entrance of the cathedral
León cathedral
We met our fellow Korean pilgrim here
Then to a Valor cafe for chocolate dessert

This cafe I’d say would be similar to a Lindt cafe in Sydney not that I’ve ever been to one.

We paid to go into the cathedral and it was well worth it. None of my photos do it justice and while we were in there it was quite dark.

Posers! 😜

That’s it folks. We hit the road again tomorrow so will continue to report like I do then. Time now for a beer and more chill.

Till then…

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