Adios Arzúa – El Camino Day 24

It rained through the night and when we awoke it was still raining so all the wet weather gear was put on to protect the packs and ourselves. I have a sleeve that fits over my whole backpack to protect it from the rain. I wore long waterproof pants today for the first time here too.

Leaving Arzúa

There seemed to be a few people walking out of Arzúa today. We came across the Spanish people up ahead and yet again some Koreans. It’s interesting talking to the Spanish and their reasonings for doing the Camino. Most just say they need thinking time. I guess it’s a good time and place to do it. Ron and I seem to be the only ones taking photos that I can see. It would be interesting doing the Camino without all the tech to take photos and do a blog. Maybe next time. It might be a different experience. The blog and the photos do help to reflect on the day and I do enjoy sitting down at the end of the day to do it though.

Though the sky looked ominous for the most part the sun came out and we were able to walk a good chunk of the day unhindered by the rain.

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Wet weather selfie
Hot stuff!

The kilometres were going down today. We left Arzúa with around 40kms to go to Santiago and finished the day with just 10kms to go. We’re so close!

We went through a few towns, dark clouds looming

We were a little hungry along the way and every town we went through was a ghost town. Nothing was open. The breakfast we had wasn’t really substantial enough so we were feeling a little peckish along the way and on the lookout for something to be open. Nada.

A bit of road walking today which meant noise from the rain and traffic.

A few paths next to the road
Had to cross some busy roads a few times
Aww a Christmas tree
Roads and farmland
Back to forest
The sun is back out
Again, where are the Ents?
Interesting that we're getting gum trees at the end of our journey. It reminds us of home.
Interesting pathways

After we walked through this section of track it started raining lightly and the path wound its way around Santiago airport to the town we were on our way to for tonight. There really wasn’t much here to take photos of. When we got really close to town it poured with rain so all that sun during the day drying off our wet gear was undone. Anyway not to worry. We’re at the hotel washed, dried and warm but ravenous for dinner.

Our hotel for tonight

Tomorrow our plan is to leave the packs at the hotel and walk our last 10kms into Santiago in the morning. There is a pilgrims Mass at the cathedral at noon so we’ll go to that then have a look around town. Then it’s back to the hotel to collect the bags and off to the airport to fly to Madrid where we spend the night before catching our plane early Saturday morning to Sydney.

Wow! Hard to believe it’s nearly over.

Till tomorrow.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino. 😊