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El Camino Day 4

Today we walked from Zubiri to where we first flew into on Saturday evening, Pamplona. A fairly easy walk as it was mostly following the river and valley all the way. It was mostly through farmland with the occasional road crossing and bush track. I was feeling a little tired today as I found it difficult to sleep last night, probably due to adjusting to the time zone. It was raining as we set off as well and I think a 4th day of walking in the rain was starting to wear thin. I was having some issues with the camera today too due to the damp. I think some water may have gotten in and it was affecting the camera operation. That freaked me out a little as it’s an expensive bit of gear so it went straight into the backpack and the rest of the day was shot using the phone camera. If rain is forecast I’m going to have to resort to iPhone photography which is okay but doesn’t give me the wide angle lens I like when shooting landscapes. Thankfully the camera appeared to be okay when I arrived here at the hotel and once I’d pulled it all apart and let it dry out somewhat. No more photos from the camera when it’s wet weather though.

Leaving Zubiri we crossed the river
Not the best looking meal 😬
Big beer, small guy

Breakfast this morning wasn’t rabbit thankfully. It was on the menu last night as the only option as the all the others were unavailable. It came minus the ears and hind leg. The head and teeth were still intact and on my plate which I didn’t take to all that well. It tasted okay once I got over that aspect of it. Anyway, we were able to have bacon and eggs this morning with plenty of bread and a couple of coffees. Once that was eaten a quick pack back at the hotel and we set out. It was raining as we left and quite soggy underfoot with a lot of puddles from all the rain that’s been had.

Leaving town we soon pass some industrial areas
And pass a soggy looking friend
Looking up the valley, industrial area is the gravel to the right

It was around here that my camera went a bit wonky and that combined with the wet and tiredness got me a bit down in the dumps for the day. Kept on walking though. No point in stopping. The day and the weather got better as the time went on, thankfully.

We’ve been noticing many road signs or signs in general with Spanish and Basque written on them. Quite easy to tell the difference between the two languages as Basque seems to have many K’s and Z’s. I don’t think Spanish has the letter K at all.

We’re in Basque Country
The path followed the river for some of the day
Finally the sun started to come through and brighten things up a bit including my mood
This is looking back from where we came
We start to see Pamplona in the distance

It wasn’t long before we started to see the outskirts of Pamplona in the distance. This can be quite deceiving as one can think that we’re nearly there but from here there were still a few good hours to walk. From here on the rain had lifted and didn’t return and the temperature was comfortable. No gloves or beanie were needed today as been down in the valley rather than the mountain top like the last few days meant that it was warmer.

Another shot looking up the valley towards Pamplona
The path veers to the north

The path then takes us north around another way in rather than straight up the valley where we can see Pamplona in the distance. We met a guy on the path selling cool drinks and fruit and I think this must’ve been his car we passed a little while later. I ended up buying a soft drink which I never really drink anyway just to give him a bit of support.

It’s here we start to enter into the outskirts of Pamplona
Once this bridge was crossed we were in

On the other side of this bridge there was a small chapel next to an albergue so we stopped for a visit before moving on. It was a long walk into town from then on. Pamplona was pleasant enough and didn’t have the grimy ugly look to it that some outskirts of towns have. I was surprised but didn’t really know what to expect either.

Tree lined streets
The Camino arrows always there to direct us
We start to enter into the older part of town

Here I wish I’d had my camera as these walls were magnificent and the wide angle lens really would’ve captured a whole lot more.

We cross this old bridge which leads us to the old city walls
The old city walls
The city gate
Walking in the old town

It was soon after here that we find the hotel and decide to check in, shower, go through the days photos and relax after the day’s walk. It’s nearly dinner time and I’m looking forward to a decent meal and beer and hopefully a good night’s sleep.

For a map of today’s walk and stats, you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino! 😊

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  1. Kees says:

    Glad to hear your camera is alright, wouldn’t want to miss out on your brilliant photography.
    Rabbit again?
    I hope the rain will stop for you soon, Spain can be very nice this time of the year.
    Oh I love the old city walls and quaint little towns.

    1. James Altham says:

      Thanks Kees! 😊🙏

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