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El Camino Day 5

Today was a better day than yesterday. Last night Ron and I ventured out of the hotel for a meal to a place recommended by a guy at the front desk. When we got to the restaurant it was a swanky looking joint selling tapas and drinks with a restaurant out the back. We both felt under dressed in our night time comfy clothes having just refreshed ourselves from the days walk back at the hotel. Dinner wasn’t till 8pm at the restaurant and as we were both very hungry we didn’t have the energy to sit at the swanky bar sipping a beer while eating tapas and trying to look cool in our slippers. We opted for the easy way out and went next door to Burger King and had a meal there. Not the best option but being able to choose and order the meal in English on the computer meant we could relax and not worry about being in our comfy clothes. Unfortunately walking back to the hotel I noticed another restaurant that sold pilgrim meals for 15€ which probably after a Whopper Meal might have been the better option.

I was pleasantly surprised with Pamplona and how good it looked. No grungy feel on the outskirts as we walked in and out of town. We stayed in the old part of town and walking out took us along tree lined streets and parks. It was also very clean.

We hit the edge of town fairly quickly with the universities on the outskirts. Class must’ve finished or something as there were a lot of students walking down the street with us. It was still raining as we left so we’ve had rain since we arrived here in Spain since we arrived here late Saturday.

Pamplona seemed to end fairly abruptly and before we knew it we were out in the country. The rain was persistent with a light sprinkle but I was so looking forward to some sunshine.

We passed through a couple of small suburbs on the outskirts of Pamplona but once through them it was open country. The clouds were starting to lift and we could see some blue sky trying to break through.

The outskirts of Pamplona
It was uphill from here

The walk today was uphill until halfway then down for the other half. We could see Pamplona behind us as we climbed upwards. The rain had stopped now which was a relief and the sun began to poke through the clouds which was so good to see.

A small lake or farm dam we passed
Climbing up
Nearing the summit
Looking back to Pamplona
Some small flowers hanging out of a window we passed
Perdon Peak, Monument of the Santiago Way

We hit the peak and find ourselves amongst some other pilgrims who’ve stopped to have a break and take in the magnificent views from up there. The above monument is also there and depicts a group of pilgrims from different periods crossing the line of the wind turbines.

The sun is shining now and it was so good to see. It came out at the right moment to enable us to take in this wonderful mountain top view which would’ve been hidden from view if the rain and clouds from the past few days had persisted. It’s almost as though it was timed perfectly for us. We met a guy on the peak from the US who we’d met a couple of times before and he told us he’d been there when there were 60km plus winds blowing. It really was a special moment for us.

My kind of walking
Sunshine for the rest of the afternoon

We weren’t far now from the town we’re now staying in for the night. Puente la Reina. There were clouds looming back in the sky as we headed in and it wasn’t long till after we checked in that the they once again let loose. Not only did it rain but it also hailed. We just made it in time.

Photo of the day I think!

That’s it from me for today. It was a most enjoyable day rewarded by the magnificent views from the mountain top and the sunshine.

For stats and a map of today’s walk, you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino! 😊

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