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El Camino Day 15

Our walk today was from Villafranca to Atapuerca. About 19kms all up and mostly through a service track for a pine and oak forest. It was very cold and there was snow around from yesterday’s snow fall. Thankfully we didn’t need to walk through a snow storm or much rain but the skies were fairly bleak and threatening regardless. The hotel stay was good enough and there were about 15 other pilgrims there in the dining room when we had our dinner in the evening. Drinks were had beforehand in the bar which had a fire place to keep warm. I’m writing this now in the dining room in Atapurerca next to another fire. It’s needed as the temperatures outside are quite chilly down near 0ºC.

The church opposite our hotel in Villafranca
Everything is covered in ice and snow
Looking back to Villafranca, there on the left

The skies were very bleak looking this morning as we set out and there was a slight drizzle which seemed to follow us all day. The drizzle was much more bearable than a downpour that’s for sure.

We had a bit of hill to climb out of Villafranca and the higher we got the more snow there seemed to be around. Most of it was melting as the temperatures today were higher than yesterday. A relief for us walking. The wind had settled down as well.

The path going up the mountain

A few of the other pilgrims staying at the hotel were trailing up the mountain before us. Some though had opted to take the bus into Burgos. One fellow we met had injured his ankle and had decided to rest it up by taking the bus into Burgos and taking time out there.

Icy trail with the pine forest on either side

The trail was icy and muddy the majority of the way so we had to tread carefully so as to not slip and slide all over the place and injure ourselves.

A bleak looking sky

Looking ahead I thought the sky was going to fall down on us, it looked so bleak and grey. I thought it was going to either bucket rain or snow on us. Thankfully it was only a drizzle that followed us for the walk.

A lovely walk in the park
Pretty grim!
We were led off the service track onto this path
A huge monastery in the middle of nowhere in San Juan de Ortega

The scenery changed from here on and so did the mist and the weather. It seemed to get colder and the wind picked up. We’re walking into another town called Agés which when we got there was closed for the winter season. Something we found out well enough when we walked through it last year. Our town for the night was only a few kilometres on from here. Today’s walk was not at all strenuous or difficult nor was it particularly scenic. Just a gentle climb up then a gentle slope downwards into Agés and Atapureca.

Through some open farmland
A slight diversion of the road on our way into Atapuerca
It’s bleak!
Atapuerca up ahead

That’s it for today folks. Not an exciting walk or post by any means. Tomorrow we head into our next big town, Burgos. We might try to fit in a cathedral tour this time we’re there. Time for a beer and a warm meal by the fire.

Thanks for reading.

Buen Camino! 😊

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  1. Kees says:

    I can see now why you get the snow.
    With -0 temps and being fairly high up.
    Still bloody cold though.
    Once again great pictures to illustrate the journey

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