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Camino del Norte Day 6

Today’s walk from Santillana del Mar was about 26km to Camillas, again down by the sea. We seemed to follow the sea for most of the day, and our pitstop or break was a beach along the way. Sun was out all day with it feeling hot going up some hills we had to climb.

Our hotel was excellent, with comfortable beds. After waking up, we were served a good breakfast, keeping us going most of the day.

Today’s walk wasn’t arduous, with many hills or mountains to go up and down. We mainly followed farm service roads and local roads to get to our destination for the evening. A lot of tarmac once again.

There seemed to be many pilgrims walking out of town with us this morning, and as we were no longer carrying our heavy backpacks, we overtook them. A mixture of nationalities came throughout the day—many non-English speaking. We were made aware of the ones who wanted to keep to themselves or the group they were in, which suited us as spending a long time walking and talking can become quite tiring.

Today’s blog post will mainly consist of photos as there isn’t much to report on, nor was there any spectacular scenery to photograph or be taken by.

Only 534km to go
Church on a hill
Passing through farmland and villages
Mountains make a great backdrop
Country lanes
Local roads

We sat by the beach for a break and a snack. A few in swimming, but there wasn’t a crowd.

After lunch, we headed up the opposite side and climbed our way up. Looking back at the image above, you can see the stairs we sat on for lunch next to the orange-roofed building.

It wasn’t long till we hit our home for this evening, Camillas. A beach town. We’d arrived around 3:15 pm, found our hotel, and I settled down to get some work done. I’ll have to go down and look at the beach in the morning as we walk out. Tomorrow’s walk will only be about 12km. A shorter walk is good as I have some work to catch up on.

That’s it for me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading even though there wasn’t much to report.

For a map of today’s walk, you’ll find it below.

Thanks for reading, and Buen Camino! 😀