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Camino del Norte Day 7

A short 13km walk to our next town of Vicente today. The sun was out, and not a cloud in the sky the whole day—a leisurely stroll in the sunshine and by the sea.


The morning sun on Camillas

We had a carb-heavy breakfast of toast and jam, washed down with a good coffee and headed off for the day. Because the walk was shorter today we took our time and took in the sunshine.


Heading out of Camillas

Today’s path for the main part followed the road to the San Vicente, but we strayed off a couple of times. Once for a coffee by the beach and the other to walk along the beach into San Vicente rather than along the road. We also decided to stop for lunch and grab a burger along the way. Something we don’t normally do.


The beach where we stopped for a coffee

There were quite a few in the water, mainly surfers. Many surf schools were along the way. Many camper vans were driving about or parked up along the roadside in designated areas for camping. The tail end of the season I suppose.


San Vicente in the distance

It wasn’t long before we could see San Vicente in the distance but we took our time getting there. No point in rushing today.


San Vicente beach below

When we approached the beach, I suggested we walk along that rather than going along the road. The tide was out, making it easy to walk along the wet, compacted sand.


Surfs up


Vast expanse of sand

I was feeling peckish, so I suggested to Ron that we grab a burger when we could at some point on our way into town. Dinner wasn’t going to be till 8pm so this would tie us over till then.


We cross a long bridge to get to San Vicente


More of the bridge


Boats stranded in the low tide


A different view of the town


Looking towards the beach from the town


San Vicente


The church of San Vicente Santa Maria de los Angeles


A different view of the church


The sun setting behind the church

So that’s it for today. Not much else to report on. Feeling a lot better and seem to be getting over the bug I had reasonably quickly.

Time to go and get some dinner. Thanks for reading and Buen Camino. 🤗

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    Wow James,some of those shots with the blue sky are amazing.

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