Camino del Norte Day 23

We’re nearing the end of the walk, which has mixed emotions. Today we leave the Camino del Norte and join the French Camino in Arzúa, our home for tonight. We walked about 22km today from Sobrado dos Monxes. Last night we didn’t have Mass for Sunday as it was at 11 am, but we witnessed the monks in Sobrado do Vespers in their chapel in the evening, which was a memorable experience.

The monks chapel where we had Vespers

We had a rain forecast for the morning as we left Sobrado. The forecast wasn’t wrong. As we headed out, the clouds were very threatening, and the wind was howling. It wasn’t looking good. Thankfully the rain seemed to hold back for a while, and we only got a soaking for about 30 minutes of our walk. Once it had rained, the blue sky appeared, and we had a pleasant walk into Arzúa.

The threatening clouds as we head out of Sobrado
Looking back to Sobrado and the cathedral spires
The road out of Sobrado
Walking through gum tree farms
Clouds continue to threaten
Ron, Alejandro and Vaughan ahead
The blue skies begin to appear. A relief from the clouds
A town we passed through
Our snack break, Ron pulls out his stash
Afternoon sun
Everything glistening with the recent rain
Arzúa not far away
Sun's out!
Passed through mostly farmland today
Approaching the outskirts of Arzúa
A gum tree farm towering above us
Approaching the outskirts of Arzúa

So that is all there is today. The sad thing is that we met up with the French Way today in Arzúa, which means we’ve left the Camino del Norte and have two more days till we get to Santiago. Then it’s back to Barcelona and onto Sydney. I will be home by Saturday.

The French Way seems really busy, and we’ve already met quite a few pilgrims in Arzúa.

For a map of today’s walk, you’ll find it below.

Buen Camino! 😜

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  1. Rita says:

    Thank you so much for postings and photos James!! Love every bit of it & that you bother doing it for us after a hard day’s walk. So glad that you have recovered to enjoy the Camino & formed friendships. Loved that the 4 amigos ended up in the monastery for the evening vespers. Loved their voices & singing, may the Lord keep you safe

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