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Adios Carrión de los Condes – El Camino Day 9

I woke up on the right side of bed this morning. Yesterday’s walk was gloomy and I think it put me in a gloomy mood too. When I saw the sign saying ‘Santiago 463’ all I wanted was to be at home with my creature comforts. Today turned out a lot different. Amazing the difference walking out of the same town we walked into yesterday. The oppressive gloom wasn’t there like it was yesterday. Admittedly the sky was blue this morning too but this side of town looked and felt a whole lot better too. Yesterday’s towns we passed through were dumps (no offence to anyone there) and we weren’t walking next to the highway today either.

Feeling more upbeat today
The original entry
Our hotel peaking over the wall
Leaving Carrión

The road today was flat and easy. I felt today that my body has come to terms with the walk and is no longer complaining and shouting at me to stop. The feet were best behaved today too. Continuing with the Vaseline on the toes though.

Wasn’t long before Carrión was behind us
Shared with the farmers and occasional car
Bitumen road to start with
Bitumen continues for quite some time
The arrows direct us soon enough onto a gravel road
Ron contemplating the leaf from afar

Such a difference to yesterday’s walk. The sun was shining and the vibe from the landscape was so much better. This part of the track today was kind to the feet. It services the fields next to it which we assume are grain crops.

Creek Crossing
Our first hill climb for the day, I can’t cope
The occasional trees
Solitary tree
A farmer plowing his field
Our pit stop for the day Calzadilla de la Cueza

We stopped here for a cafe americano and a cheese boccadilla. The breaks do help. I think Ron more than me as I tend to just power on through the day without stopping, same thing happens at work back home sometimes. I just like to keep walking and get to the destination. The feet screamed at me here after the break for some reason once we got going again but were soon back in the rhythm.

Our new path
We keep running into this peregrino
And see the back of this one
Finally our home for the night, Ledigos

The town came upon us suddenly rather than feeling like you’re walking for eons just to get into town.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

A good days walk. Buen Camino!

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