Adios Ledigos – El Camino Day 10

Today’s forecast was for rain. We knew it was coming and we dressed appropriately to be warm and dry as best as we could. The first half of the day was sunny and felt bright enough but on the horizon we could see the dark clouds looming.

Our hotel in Ledigos

It was -1ºC when we set out with frost everywhere. Where we ate breakfast in the bar area at the hotel a log fire was burning. Very cozy. Breakfast left a little to be desired today. Only a slice of potato frittata and a piece of bread washed down with a cafe americano. While we were eating farmers were either coming in for a coffee or a shot of liquor to get themselves going for the day. Perhaps I should’ve had a shot too.

Pleasant enough morning with the sun shining
The dark sky heading our way
A church in a field we passed, arrow showing us the way

Today’s walk was not all that impressive either. It was like the other day where the path followed the road with not all that much to see. To be honest I’m glad it rained today rather than a day where there would be more to see and take photos of etc. Once the rain set in we had a mission to just power on and get to the destination for the night.

We stopped in this little Irish pub for lunch and I ordered a pasta carbonara and Ron a risotto. When the meals arrived we could’ve sworn they were made from a packet. They had that taste (Ron reckoned the risotto had no taste) of a packet and we could see the bartender in a doorway stirring away and serving other customers (who didn’t order food, only drinks) in between stirs. Anyway, it was a warm lunch and when we started out again the rain had really set in by then.

All set for the wet, tights and all, thrilled to bits by the look of it too
The path didn't change much from here on for about 5km till we got to our destination for the night

Today is the coldest I’ve felt since arriving in Spain most likely due to the rain. It wasn’t a day that got me down in any way, we just knuckled down and got the job done. Now trying to decide whether to brave the wet and the cold again to go out and get some dinner. Our stomachs are telling us to.

For stats and a map of today’s walk you’ll find them here.

Buen Camino!