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Camino del Norte Day 16

Today we walked from Luarca to Navia, a shorter 22km walk which made it easier for us. It was blowing a gale all day, though, so that was challenging. The storm clouds lingered around us, and only once did they let loose on us, but when that happened, we made it in time to a roadside cafe and had a coffee, and waited it out.

Leaving Luarca this morning

This morning rather than having breakfast at the hotel we’d discovered the night before, a bakery/coffee bar down the road went there for breakfast. They had delicious cakes on display and served decent coffee. We asked for a bacon and egg roll, which they could do, that was washed down with black coffee and followed by a cream doughnut to finish offβ€”a delicious meal for a day’s walk.

The railway line heading out of Luarca
The storm clouds loom ahead

It had rained in Luarca before breakfast, and the clouds still lingered overhead. At this point, a black mass was moving in the sky toward us, and we didn’t want to be caught in it, so we ran across a field and went into a roadside cafe to wait it out.

Greeted by a rainbow after we'd left the cafe

The storm clouds still threatened us as we left the cafe, but somehow miraculously, they seemed to skirt around us and leave us with sunshine. The wind prevailed, though, which was hard to bear at times. A constant throughout the whole day.

Looking back towards Luarca
We walked under this amazing bridge that towered above us
A farmers cottage
A church in the middle of nowhere
We begin to hit the outskirts of Navia

We arrived at Navia, our home for tonight, at about 3:30 pm. Not quite as quaint as our previous town Luarca but nice enough. After settling into the hotel, I had to sit down and do some work before heading out on the town to sightsee and grab a beer. Dinner wasn’t too late, about 7:45 pm, where we shared a table with our Mexican friend Alejandro who walked with us today and a new Native Canadian friend, Bond, who was taking it easy today because of issues with his knees. It was a burger meal, so it was not great nutritionally, but fun to sit and share stories.

So there endeth my day. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

For a map of today’s walk, you’ll find it below.

Buen Camino! πŸ˜‡

4 thoughts on “Camino del Norte Day 16

  1. Rita says:

    What a great Camino James! It is almost like the movie. The Lord definitely had his hand in it. Beautiful camino also meaningful & exciting. You & Ron were meant to do Camino fel Norte. Mentoring Alejandro & healing Bond. What next? Blessings & God’s Grace to you both πŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’œ

    1. James Altham says:

      Thanks Rita. It’s been a real blessing. Praying for you as we go along too. πŸ˜€πŸ™

  2. Christine Ward says:

    James thanks so much for the effort you put into your daily blogs. Great eye for catching the moments and the map at the bottom just tops it all off.
    God bless you and thanks so much

    1. James Altham says:

      Thanks Christine. πŸ˜€

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