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Camino del Norte Day 17

Today we walked from Navia to Tapia de Casariego. A 22km walk along the coast. We set out from Navia at about 9 am with Alejandro, our Mexican friend, and a new friend from Canada named Bond. And then there were four.

We had a good weather forecast for the day, and the sun was shining. Thankfully, the wind from yesterday had calmed down, so we didn’t need to battle it again today.

Then there were four
Leaving Navia at sunrise
The freeway in the distance
Looking back to Navia

We hit the countryside straight away and crisscrossed the main road along the coast most of the way. A few small towns along the way where we stopped for a coffee in one and then had a snack at a park bench in another.

A main road crossing
A small creek crossing
Some road walking
An old farmhouse
The coast was in view for most of the day
The view from a section of the road as we walked into town
The sun setting over the coast
The Port of Tapa de Casariego

My posts have been a bit brief lately. I’m sorry about that. I get to a point where I run out of time each night when I have to do work for Splash and get dinner, wash clothes etc., etc. Plus, socialise with friends we’ve made along the way. Blogging and writing have become limited with the time I have.

Anyway, that’s all I have for tonight. Thanks for reading. The map of today’s walk; you’ll find it below.

Buen Camino! 🤓

2 thoughts on “Camino del Norte Day 17

  1. Kees says:

    Lucky your in the southern parts of Europe and that the weather is rather warm for the time of year.(unlike here where it is cold and wet) even in Holland the are having a warm spell in October!

    1. James Altham says:

      Thanks Kees. Yeah the weather has been great for us. Only a patch of rain here and there and mostly sunshine. 😊

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