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Camino del Norte Day 19

I seem to be back online today with a better internet connection and can post. Yesterday took so long to save and upload photos that, in the end, I gave up. Today we are in Mondoñedo, a bigger town than last night. Last night wasn’t even a town, just a hotel on the side of the road.

Today we had a 30km walk from San Vicente to our hometown for tonight, Mondoñedo. The walk was pretty direct, but we had some big long hills to climb. It felt like we were climbing all day without much descent happening.

Walking up the street from our hotel. San Vicente is the group of houses ahead.

It had rained through the night, so the ground was wet when we ventured out, and the weather apps on our phones predicted some rain throughout the day, but thankfully none came our way, and the sun shone for most of the day.

The morning sun shining over the farmland
Streams and cottages in the early sunlight
Looking back down the valley from where we'd come
Alejandro and Vaughan up ahead

Alejandro and Vaughan are still with us and I would say they will continue to be until we all walk in together to Santiago. It’s good having them with us as they are good company.

Some beautiful scenery today as we headed into the mountains

We stopped at a small town bar for a sandwich and a beer. The barman was rolling his eyes when we asked for egg, chorizo and cheese on a roll each. He’d never had the request before. I think the chorizo and egg omelette combination took him by surprise. Regardless it turned out very tasty, and the beer mugs came from the freezer, so the beer was extra cold too.

More of the countryside

There was a bit of forest walking today, which wasn’t as nice as being out in the open and seeing all the scenery. We were thinking that will all the gum trees around, we could be walking anywhere in Australia. I must admit that the gum trees here don’t seem to grow like they do in Australia. A different shape here.

A small town called Lorenzo we passed through
More farmland
Passing under the freeway that connects the whole of the north coast of Spain
Filling our water bottles at a local spring
Passing through some very old buildings

As there were four of us, we were able to rent an apartment in Mondoñedo, which meant we could cook our food. After we’d checked in, Ron and I set out to look for a supermarket so we could buy the ingredients for dinner. We made a simple spaghetti bolognese washed down with some beers. It turned out okay, considering we didn’t have spices and herbs to make it tastier. After dinner, we went to Mass at the cathedral, and then it was back home for some dessert, chocolate and a couple more beers.

The Mondoñedo cathedral

That, my friends, brings me to the end of the day, where I must finish this post, it was a lovely day out walking, and even though we’d left the coast for the mountains, the scenery today did not disappoint. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see what it brings.

For a map of today’s walk, you’ll find it below.

Thanks for reading, and Buen Camino! 🥳

4 thoughts on “Camino del Norte Day 19

  1. Rits says:

    Love all of your commentary, and more so that you are four. Really enjoying reading it. Stay happy, healthy & upbest 💖💙💜💛

    1. James Altham says:

      Thanks Rita. 😀

  2. Christine Ward says:

    Love reading your story and the pics are fantastic. Missed the last two 7.30 news report. Had visitors both nights. Hopefully to catch you tomorrow night. Love to all .Christine

    1. James Altham says:

      Thanks Christine. Glad you’re enjoying the posts. 😊

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