Camino del Norte Day 4

For today’s walk, we decided to cut down from the official Camino guide, which suggested we walk around 35 km to just under 14 km to another town along the coast called Noja. I was still feeling a little run down, and there was no way we could ever walk those distances. Luckily there are ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 3

Yesterday I had a terrible bout of sickness, so I was flat on my back, sleeping it off, which is why I didn't post last night. I think it was a mix of jet lag, timezone and starting too hard too soon. Perhaps a recovery day in Bilbao might have been a better thing to ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 2

Today was a challenging day, and it all started with breakfast. We were served breakfast on wooden trays containing so many things to open that I wondered how the staff washed it up once we were finished. Plus, I wouldn't say I like food served on wood. Overkill, give me a bowl of cereal and ... Read more

Camino del Norte Day 1

Flying out of Barcelona on our way to San Sebastián, Today is the first day of my walk to Santiago in Spain, taking the northern route along the coast, called Camino Norte in Spanish. I had initially planned to do Camino Ignaciano, which would have taken me from Loyola, just outside of San Sebastián, to ... Read more

El Camino Day 16

Today's walk was from Atapuerca to Burgos. A walk we hadn't done before, so it was all new for us today. A 22km walk for us with cloudy skies at the start. A much better outcome than the weather predictions we received last night from our phone weather apps. It turned into an enjoyable day ... Read more

El Camino Day 15

Our walk today was from Villafranca to Atapuerca. About 19kms all up and mostly through a service track for a pine and oak forest. It was very cold and there was snow around from yesterday’s snow fall. Thankfully we didn’t need to walk through a snow storm or much rain but the skies were fairly ... Read more